Who are we and where did we come from???


Those early news letters, of 1971 were few. In the early part of the Brisbane Hash there were insufficient numbers to warrant a newsletter to the odd four to six runners, which formed the nucleus of Hash. However, my source of information, old records and the ever reliable, Chris Featherstone (GM 1972) provided me with the bulk of the history.

Back in the early part of 1971, Allan Jackman (aka Coot-tha) had been the original founder of the Brisbane Hash House Harriers. He had been a regular runner with the Singapore Hash and was transferred to Brisbane. As Brisbane was bloody slack in those early days, he decided it was time to form a small group of regular Hashmen. Allan Jackman was a newcomer to the city and finding willing participants to subject themselves to this new form of torture were scarce. They first ran on 25th Jan 1971. However Allan was fortunate to get two to four runners kicking but it looked like waning until he met up with Chris Featherstone and Richard Barnes. I understand Chris was drinking at the Brisbane Club one evening and got into a shout with Allan Jackman. From that point there was a slow growth of Hash.

The Hash had approximately 16 runners when Chris joined. The first official run did not eventuate until run number 23, approximately July 1971. The runs prior to this date are locked in the brain of Allan Jackman who now lives in Sydney. From 1972 under the skilful guidance of Chris Featherstone who became G.M. and ON-SEC, the numbers swelled to 15 runners or more.

The old guard of Brisbane Hash, "Jungle Jim", "Easy Rider", "Superscrew" and "Taffy" are known to be our longer running Hashmen. I remember in those early days of 1971-72 when "Taffy" (Trevor Carrodus) was my flat mate at the old "Milton Hilton", a brothel of a place where we used to sleep and have parties. I couldn’t fathom out whom this idiot was who went out in his running gear and came back "sloshed". Boy, did he get boisterous! It was nothing for Taffy to come home at unearthly hours of the night and start phoning people all over the world. We chalked up a huge phone bill that year. "Taffy" was never successful in getting me to join Hash, but had I not been going to University on those nights I’m sure I would have joined????

OnOn Snappy Tom - Official Hash Elder


Year 1978 - Brisbane Hashers attended the first interhash in Hong Kong

Year 1989 - 1000 run milestone reached

Year 2008 - We reached 2000 runs with the official 2000th run held on 11 October 2008

Year 2011 - 40 years of hashing in Brisbane  



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